Paying For Your Care

Nottz Care is happy to accept customers who are:

  • Customers who are self / privately funding their own care
  • Customers who are in receipt of Direct Payments or have ILF Funding
  • Referrals accepted from Children, Young Persons, and Adult Social Service Departments
  • Referrals accepted from NHS Continuing Health Care teams


1-Self-Funding Your Care:

Please do feel free to contact our team to discuss your care requirements and fees will be discussed at that point.

Our pricing policy is transparent with no ‘hidden extras’ you can be assured of our discretion, and all inquiries are treated confidentially.

We send an invoice every two weeks to our private customers and that can be paid either by cheque, cash or electronic bank transfer.

Social Care unlike health care is not free to everyone.

However, if you have very complex health needs, you may be eligible for Continuing NHS Healthcare, which is free. Also if you have suffered Mental Health issues and have been detained in hospital under the Mental Health Act, your care may be free once you go home.

2-Direct Payments:

A Direct Payment is money you receive from the council to buy your own care and support services, rather than have social care staff arrange it for you. The Direct Payments scheme is subject to an ‘assessment of need’ by your local social service officer. The amount you might get from them takes into consideration your income, savings, and any capital you may have.

Once this has been completed Social Services may make an offer to you – via the Direct Payment Scheme, to pay cash to you to help fund your care. This then puts you in charge of your own care arrangements giving YOU the flexibility and choice in who provides that care for you, and how and when it is delivered. This care may be the traditional care needs such as help with personal care etc, but might equally be something that is a little more creative that is just as life enhancing.

Direct payments also gives you the freedom to change Care Providers should you be dissatisfied with them. Whilst direct payments may not suit everyone, we are happy to help you in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Nottz Care for more information on Direct Payments. Whilst we can only give general advice on this we will certainly do our best to point you to the correct government department.